Miami Heat Reminder

I’ve been noticing a lot of people on twitter have been saying a few negative things about our Miami Heat. First off, haters are always going to hate; but it really sucks when Miami Heat fans are the ones that question the Miami Heat’s performances. Let me explain… No NBA team will ever go undefeated […]

Miami Heat Lose Two

The Miami Heat have lost two back to back games on the road. One to the New York Knicks and the other to the Brooklyn Nets. These are regular season games, but it is very disappointing losing to teams that are doing so bad. The Nets (15-22) and Knicks (14-22) are amongst one of the […]

A New Dwyane Wade

Dwyane Wade has changed since he won his third NBA championship last season with the Miami Heat. He has been training with Tim Grover (famous Chicago trainer) and his body already looks different. During the media day, he looked leaner and looked much better on the court, than he did a few months ago vs. […]

Miami Heat Powerhouse

The Miami Heat’s talent has surpassed all of our expectations. Two championships within three years is a feat that only a few NBA teams can say they have accomplished. The Miami Heat has joined that club and they are looking to join the even more exclusive club of winners of three championships in a row. […]

HEATFAM.COM Is up and Running!

Miami Heat fans, it is official. HEATFAM.COM is up and running and waiting for you to go check it out. Go check out the pictures, the Miami Heat Store, and the Custom Heat store. I will host contests and polls on the website to interact with all Miami Heat fans! Please go check it out […]

2013-2014 Miami Heat Roster

As the off-season is slowly coming to an end, the Miami Heat are trying to fill their roster gap with the waving of Mike Miller. Notable signings in the off-season have been Greg Oden (7’0 Center) and Michael Beasley (6’10 Forward). Greg Oden played his last NBA game in 2009 and has been trying to […]

Miami Heat D-League Tryouts #HeatNation

If you want to play for the Miami Heat’s D-League (Sioux Falls Skyforce) you can do so now by trying out. If you impress the coaches and staff you can land a spot on their roster and maybe one day you can play for the Miami Heat! Miami TryoutsWHEN: Saturday, October 12th 2013 from 9am-4pm Check in […]

#HeatNation the Hating Won’t Stop

Well, Heat fans.. the NBA season is less than 2 months again and we can’t wait. We want some Miami Heat Basketball already! So far, the Miami Heat have let Mike Miller go and Greg Oden has been the only addition as of yet. We will see how he performs as the season starts. But, […]

What Concerns Heat Fans

We are all taking some time off of basketball in the off season. Some of us are getting ready to watch some football as the NFL season is right around the corner. Some of us are watching the MLB and following that. Some are just following what the Miami Heat is doing in the off […]

2013-2014 Miami Heat Lineup

HEAT NATION!!!!!!!  UPDATED: 9/12/2013 Although it was sad to see Mike Miller go (for those who loved him as a Miami Heat Player) we now have another addition to the Miami Heat. No, not just Greg Oden, we now have Michael Beasley as a Heat player. It is not his first time playing with the […]